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    2019 was successful for Generali in Serbia

    Generali Serbia CEO Dragan Filipović spoke about what lies ahead of the company in the new year and why he thinks 2019 was successful for Generali in Serbia.

    Dragan Filipović, CEO of Generali Osiguranje:


    I believe that two things are crucial for the success of every company, Generali in particular. Those are a satisfied employee and a satisfied customer. For years now, and this year in particular, we have been dedicated to the realization of those two goals. We put a lot of effort in the motivation, education and training of our employees, as well as their satisfaction, work conditions and benefits. Their positive energy further reflects on our customers. We communicate with customers a great deal, we have a communication program. We receive customers’ feedback about their satisfaction with our service, we make corrections where needed and maintain what is good in order to be able to improve our future operations.

    We will achieve the results, we will exceed the plans that we set last year for the year to come. We remain still the most profitable insurance company in Serbia. The developments for the near future, as regards the country’s economy, the standard of living, growth and macroeconomic conditions will work in our favor, and l think that the whole industry will record growth in the upcoming years.


    2020 will be the crucial year for our digital transformation. It will be our third year of development, and that means the digitalization of our process, as well as the opportunities for selling our products via mobile phones and computers. We have been working on it for the past three years, but next year we will complete the process - we will be the first to do introduce a novelty on the market: starting January, we are going to have 4 robots to accelerate our work there, where we currently have employees performing those activities which are repetitive, tedious and complicated. The robots will step in and those same employees will perform much more creative tasks, their work will be much more interesting and rewarding.

    In 2020, I wish all the people in Serbia good health, luck and success, to believe in themselves and live life to the fullest, to get insured and leave it to Generali to take care of potential unwanted consequences.

    (Source: TV show, TV Studio B, 30 December 2019)