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    Lostuzzi: “Insurance is an investment during complex times”

    CEE Regional Officer, Manlio Lostuzzi, discussed with Bloomberg Adria how to reduce inflation's impact on Generali customers  by continuing to provide top-notch services and products.

    “In the CEE region inflation is having an heavy toll on households and companies, therefore we have to react fast and intervene on our cost structure to not transfer the impact on our customers by continuing to provide a proper service ” said Manlio Lostuzzi to Vesna Damjanić, Editor in Chief at Bloomberg Adria Serbia. 

    “On one hand we have to increase efficiency reducing costs leveraging on the experience of the Covid-19 pandemic and on the other hand we need to adjust the tariffs and make sure that the sum assured are protected effectively” stated Lostuzzi during the interview.  

    In conclusion, the Generali CEE Regional Officer pointed out the crucial role of insurances during complex times, highlighting that “insurance is an investment crucial to further protect families in today difficult environment”. 

    Watch the full interview HERE.