Generali SpA


    We care about the happiness of our employees

    (source: Forbes, 26.08.2021)

    The Polish version of Forbes magazine published an article on how HR departments are shaping the next-normal after the Covid-19 pandemic. Roger Hodgkiss, President of Generali Polska, comments how the pandemic influenced the change in the strategy of enterprises towards a more sustainable management of human resources. He said: “When the pandemic started and our employees moved to home offices, we decided to update our HR policy. At a time when the boundaries between home and work are blurring, we especially care about the happiness of our employees”.

    The President of Generali Polska explained to Forbes magazine the actions taken by the company when the pandemic started spreading across Poland: “We have introduced flexible working hours so that it is possible to reconcile work, home and parental duties. We pay attention to the observance of working time. We wanted our employees to be able to adapt to the new situation, so at the beginning of the pandemic, we created closed support groups and started signing up for psychotherapeutic sessions. We regularly organize workshops and trainings, during which psychologists and experts in their fields discuss, among others, issues of caring for relationships and children”.

    Generali Polska President highlighted to Forbes magazine all the efforts made to maintain a personal connection during these harsh times despite the lack of physical presence in the offices: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been working in a dispersion, which makes everyday contact difficult, so we regularly organize online meetings with members of the Management Board. We especially make sure that employees can ask questions during the Q&A session, which is part of each meeting. At Generali, we especially value teamwork and care for a friendly atmosphere. Although we work remotely, we want employees to have a chance to take part in events that involve and integrate the team. Each employee could join the THSN Global Challenge, travel kilometers and help raise funds for equipment to rescue newborns with perinatal hypoxia”.