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    Chatbot now communicates with clients on the Generali Česká Pojišťovna website

    Chatting is not just a matter of social networks and messengers, but it is becoming an increasingly natural way for clients to handle their requests with insurance companies. In 2019 alone, operators of Generali Česká pojišťovna settled over 65,000 chats. Miroslav Havlíček, director of the Generali Česká pojišťovna client center, comments on what the first months of practice show: "Since this spring, we have fully involved artificial intelligence in the form of a chatbot in the process of handling client requests. The results so far have exceeded our expectations and confirmed that people can appreciate this technology."


    So far, if clients needed information or did not know how to deal with something – for example how to log in to the client zone – they usually turned to the client center and the operator found the necessary data for them. They connected either over the phone or increasingly via chat on the web. Now, the most frequently asked questions are handled by the chatbot. Clients are informed about it at the beginning of the conversation. In the first phase, artificial intelligence helps with this specific agenda: signing in to the client zone; advising on what clients should send to the insurance company and how; unlocking (using a password) e-mails in client correspondence, arranging insurance contracts, explaining how to report an insured event, providing information on accounts for the payment of insurance premiums.


    • Currently, the chatbot handles 45% of clients’ cases successfully, the remaining 55% are handled by operators.
    • The GČP infoline also refers to the use of the chatbot. Instead of waiting for a connection with the operator, people can use the chat. This option is chosen by more than 34 percent of those who receive a link to the chat via SMS.


    If the chatbot is unable to answer the client's questions, it connects the client with a human operator to complete the request. Currently, 45 operators have professional chatting skills at Generali Česká pojišťovna. "Of course, it will still be possible to follow the instructions from the operators. But in the ever-increasing chat interactions, we see that people feel comfortable with this way of communicating. It has several advantages – in addition to the fact that it is not necessary to call the client center, people can settle their request with the insurance company anywhere, for example in public transport. Also, chatting enables fast connection with other online applications of the insurance company, which significantly speeds up the resolution of many requests, ”explains Miroslav Havlíček.


    The chatbot is a "lively" technology as it constantly improves its reactions in every interaction with the client. On top of that, he is also trained by specialized coaches, whose previous experience is not directly related to the insurance business. This significantly contributes to the fact that in the future the chatbot will reply as clearly as possible to those who are not in daily contact with the world of insurance and its processes.


    The range of chatbot skills will continue to develop intensively in the coming months. In the near future, artificial intelligence will be able to respond to clients and help them resolve the agendas associated with: attaching documents to the insured event and the insurance contract; client verification; simple damage reporting; the possibility to have the insurance company call you back on the agreed date.