Generali SpA


    Funds of Generali Investments CEE achieved two medal positions in Investments of 2020

    The eleventh year of the analysis of the Czech investment market Fincentrum & Swiss Life Select Investments of 2020 published its results. Within the initiative, a total of 946 funds were evaluated and Generali Investments CEE funds occupied 2 of the 15 medal positions.

    Based on the evaluation of performance and risk indicators, the Generali Conservative Fund ranked third in the “Conservative Fund” category and the Generali Premium Balanced Fund also ranked third in the “Mixed Fund” category.

    Fincentrum & Swiss Life Select Investment of the Year is a prestigious evaluation of the Czech fund market. The independent analysis of Fincentrum & Swiss Life Select, which is based on the objective parameters of investment funds, aims to highlight the most successful funds within the given categories. They are the ones who were able to achieve the highest returns in the best possible proportion to the risk taken, not only in one year but also taking into account previous years. Funds are evaluated in five categories according to the type of assets in which they invest: Conservative Fund, Conservative Bond Fund, Progressive Bond Fund, Mixed Fund and Equity Fund.

    Only funds that are available to the average retail investor are included in the evaluation of Fincentrum & Swiss Life Select Investments of the Year. Thus, for example, funds of qualified investors, which are limited by the amount of the initial investment (for example from CZK 1 million), are not evaluated. The funds must have a history of at least three years and must be registered for sale in the Czech Republic. Today, around a thousand funds from approximately fifty investment companies meet this condition.

    The entire evaluation of Fincentrum & Swiss Life Select Investment of the Year is performed automatically using algorithms assessing the individual parameters of the funds and is thus completely objective. Data provided by Thomson Reuters (Refinitive) are used for the calculations.