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    Generali became a member of the Business Leaders Forum in Slovakia

    Generali Slovakia received a prestigious recognition when became a member of the Business Leaders Forum on 11 December 2020. The Business Leaders Forum (BLF) is an informal association of companies that are committed to being leaders in promoting the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in Slovakia. Responsible business is perceived as part of the daily decisions of a company that strives to respect the needs of all its stakeholders.

    Why is Generali a rightful member of BLF in Slovakia?

    Generali is one of the strongest insurance companies on the Slovak market. Sustainable development is a solid part of Generali 2021 Group´s strategy. Generali´s main topics related to Sustainability include community support, health and property prevention, and last but not least, employees.

    In 2018, Generali Slovakia, under the umbrella of The Human Safety Net movement and in cooperation with the Union of Mother Centers, launched the Learning for Life project, which aims to help children from disadvantaged environment to reach their full potential. The project focuses mainly on early care of children aged 0 to 6 years. The insurance company tries to involve as many actors as possible in this initiative - including employees who have expressed their high interest in becoming the project ambassadors.

    Another of the key topics of the insurance company is the protection of health and property. As part of the Generali Balans project, it disseminates education, awareness and professional information - whether in the form of a blog, podcast, social media or debates.

    Juraj Jurčík, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Generali Poisťovňa, a.s. , claims: “Responsibility and sustainability in all respects impact our decisions, activities and further steps. Also therefore we are glad that we have become a part of the Business Leaders Forum of companies, who undertake to be leaders in promoting the principles of corporate responsibility. This is further confirmation of the fact that we have been taking this issue seriously.”

    What is responsible business according to the Business Leaders Forum

    Responsible business means that companies, when making a profit, respect the needs of all partners with whom they come into contact in their business. These partners are (not only) employees, customers, competitors, suppliers, but also the local community and the environment.


    Congratulations Generali Slovakia!