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    Generali CEE challenged students and graduates in the CEE region

    Generali CEE took part in so called Challengest program which is designed to support young students and graduates who desire for involvement, want to show their potential and boost their career. This year for the first time, Generali provides this engagement at the level of CEE region and Italy.

    More than 100 young participants took the opportunity to solve Generali challenge of „How to increase financial literacy?“. The applicants from the whole CEE region and also some of them from Italy sent their proposals and tried to reach the final reward of €300 for the best solution. The “Generali CEE jury” composed of internal specialists and insurance experts went through many different but very interesting ideas, approaches and understandings. Finally they decided to reward three best solutions submitted by these three students:

    1. Daniel Matzner (Hungary)
    2. Kristýna Jahnová (Czech Republic)
    3. Annalisa Astolfi (Italy)

    Shortly, Daniel Matzner came in this program with the idea of a gaming platform where the young generation can compete and learn at the same time.

    „We believe that investing in education has the greatest potential and results. At the very moment there is no working institution which socializes the youth to become responsible in personal finance. The most effective way to involve generation Z into education is through creating a gaming platform where they can compete and learn at the same time. Our digital solution brings joy into studying while creating great awareness about financial literacy. Every student will have the opportunity to play in a virtual world where they have to solve real-life financial challenges. The greatest players will win prizes and also their schools at the end of the game. Having the opportunity to win the prize will mobilize the school's teachers to teach the students how to be responsible as well. Cooperation within schools can achieve the broadest impact," explains the winner Daniel Matzner.

    And the winner is... Daniel Matzner from Hungary (on the right)

    Andrej Bukovčan, Head of CEE HR & Organization, stated: “We are happy to be a part of this platform that brings talented students to our attention to build long-term relations. This program is a beneficial tool that allows to broaden the horizons to both, the companies and the young talents.”

    How Challengest works
    A company which wants to give an opportunity to young students and graduates in this program posts on Challengest web pages a challenge to be solved. Afterwards, students and graduates have time dedicated to solve this task and submit solutions. Each participant gets reference into their profile (active student). As a final step the company selects and rewards according to their criteria the best solutions.

    For more information you can have a look at the page HERE.