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    Generali in Hungary offered SME clients a free series of online training they can benefit from

    Research recently conducted by Hungarian Generali showed that to further extend their knowledge the majority of respondents (69%) attend online seminars at least occasionally, a quarter of them does it regularly, and nearly 45% have attended a lecture or webinar led by a professional at least once.  As a small contribution to the effort of SMEs to survive the crisis, Generali Hungary organized a series of webinars their SME clients showed interest in called EnterPRIZE. And more is yet to come.

    The research was conducted among 19 585 Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises. Their leaders were asked whether they attend various webinars in order to use what they have learned there in real life for the benefit of their company.

    According to the results, most people in the banking and financial sector (91%), healthcare (81%) and construction (68%) are open to online courses and are particularly interested in receiving useful information on efficiency, sustainability, innovation and legal issues.

    Based on the results, the company is now helping small and medium-sized businesses through a brand new, and what's more, free program called EnterPRIZE - with a subheadline „Inspire others with your business“ - to make their operations more sustainable and productive.

    In March the series of free webinars for SME clients have been already launched, reflecting the preferences of topics shown in the research. SME clients were invited to get more information and register themselves via a dedicated website. The opening webinar with the title Digital Transformation & Innovation was held on March 11 with three professionals working in the field as guests, moderated by Hungarian well-known and recognized journalist and presenter Krisztina Bombera. On March 18, the second webinar on Innovative IT security is taking place, the third one will be held on 25 March dealing with the topic of Rethinking businesses and Increasing efficiency. And more webinars are to come in April, handling i.e. Sustainability or Investment.