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    Generali in Slovakia wins the 2020 Hermes Communicator award

    The 2020 Hermes Communicator Awards announce the best communicating companies in Slovakia. Generali in Slovakia places first in the category Customer Care with their video SMS message.

    Generali in Slovakia was granted the prestigious Hermes Communicator award for the best communicating companies in 2020. An expert jury recognised the creativity and the selected way of communication with customers taking the form of a unique video voice SMS message, granting victory to Generali in the Customer Care category.

    “Generali has been shaping in the long run as an innovate insurance company with a human-centred approach. We want to be a lifetime partner to our customers and have been reflecting this on the way we communicate,” says Jana Hajdu, the Head of Marketing and Communication of Generali in Slovakia.

    The idea of voice SMS arose as a result of missing e-mail addresses of part of our customers, whom we wanted to reach out to in relation to the pandemics. We thus sent out a unique voice SMS message to these customers with all the necessary information on how to communicate with our insurance company, how to proceed in case of claims and how to address common agenda – all this without the need of personal contact. The video message included links to all platforms, which allow our customers to communicate with Generali and to arrange everything they need online. More than half of these customers viewed the video SMS message they were sent. The majority of them then visited the websites the SMS message referred to.

    “The video voice SMS message is a fast and in Slovakia also a unique solution, which enabled us to stay in touch with our customers and provide them with useful information in a simple, clear and creative way. We are glad that it was appreciated both by our clients and experts from the field of marketing and communication. It is proof that what we do, we do well,” concludes Jana Hajdu from Generali in Slovakia.