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    Generali Night Run Budapest 2020 dedicated to premature babies

    On August 1, the biggest running event since Covid-19 pandemic outbreak took place in Budapest. In a stunning location of the illuminated Budapest, passing through the Buda Castle Tunnel and the Buda Castle District, 4500 participants gathered to enjoy this popular public sporty event. What’s more, for the first time the Generali Night Run was dedicated to preterm newborns, beneficiaries within the Hungarian THSN initiative.

    The event attracted 4 500 participants, 150 Generali employees among them, including Generali Biztosito’s CEO, Mihály Erdős and also CFO, Gergely Horvath. “I took part in the Generali Night Run event with great pleasure,” said Mr. Erdős and added “for me, this event was above all about respect. Respect for healthcare workers, runners but also organisers. The Covid-19 crisis highlighted that there are core values that show up in the most difficult circumstances. Not to mention those everyday heroes, namely doctors, nurses and midwives working at neonatal intensive care units whose unbelievable and heroic efforts we want to be seen and respected.”

    To reward these everyday heroes, for the first 100 healthcare professionals who signed up for the event, the registration fee was free of charge. The atmosphere of respect towards healthcare professionals has intertwined the event as a whole. At the start, big applause was dedicated to doctors and nurses. At the other end, the anchorman announced names of all doctors and nurses approaching the finish line.

    As mentioned above, the Generali Night Run was primarily dedicated to babies born preterm whom Generali in Hungary, as a proud member of THSN Newborns Program, helps over the long-term.


    In the Generali tent, both visitors and participants could visit a small exhibition on the topic of preterm newborns. The core idea was to show how far these little heroes can go, how tiny premature babies can become healthy and sporty children thanks to proper early care. There were 10 images with short descriptions depicturing both a healthy pregnancy and happy kids on a running court, the other images, by contrast, showed stages of prematurity and the struggles preterm newborns usually have to face.

    The event aimed at raising awareness about preterm delivery stressing the fact that thanks to proper early care preterm babies can become healthy children and do sports, for example, take part in running events.

    To ensure the safety and health of all participants, a series of anti-Covid precautions have been taken. Before the event, all staff members were provided with Covid-19 test. At Generali locations along the way, facemasks and hand sanitizers were available for participants and visitors.

    On top, in the tent, fundraising also took place. The money collected from donors will be used for purchasing medical equipment for Semmelweis University’s Health Center (SOTE) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

    Photo credit: Bence Járdány