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    Generali pioneers the bicycle insurance business

    Insurance companies have not yet responded to the environmental wave that is pushing people away from cars towards bicycles.
    Only Generali has a special policy for bicycles and e-bikes.

    A bicycle or electric bicycle aged up to three years can be insured via a network of more than 50 retailers. The insurance policy lasting for a year, two years or three years is valid in Slovakia as well as abroad. It also covers theft in front of a shop as long as the bicycle was locked properly. The insurance policy includes cycling assistance. In the case of an accident, the insurance company ensures the transport of the cyclist to a health care facility, of the bicycle to a repair shop and the repair itself. With a bicycle worth EUR 200, such insurance costs EUR 120 yearly; with the use of an Abus lock, EUR 70 yearly. “We have registered increased demand for this insurance with the arrival of electric bicycles,” says Generali Slovak. Other insurance companies only cover damage to a bicycle if it is safely parked and locked at home and if you have household insurance.



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