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    Generali Poland - a friendly place to work

    Generali Poland was awarded the "Friendly Workplace" 2020 emblem. The company also received a Special Award “for a modern approach in the area of professional development and employee satisfaction, respect for the idea of work-life balance, as well as for commitment to contribute to a healthy, positive work environment.”

    “When we think about the workplace, people always come first. It is them who create the atmosphere, build a sense of community and make us want to want. That is why at Generali we attach great importance to the activities that build us as a team. It is thanks to them that we can act more effectively and go through difficult moments with a sense of support. I am happy with the award. It confirms that the direction we are heading is right. We will continue it,” said Krystyna Matysiak, member of Generali Poland management board, and added, “The 'Friendly Workplace' title is not only a great honour but also a commitment. Each of us, through our attitude, the way in which we act or talk to another person, makes a unique contribution to the atmosphere of our organization. Thus, it is thanks to our employees that we can build a friendly workplace.”

    "Friendly Workplace" is an award of the editorial staff for companies that can boast a modern approach in the area of personnel policy and employee development. The awards are granted to companies that respect and support the work-life balance model, create a healthy and friendly work environment, focus on open and partnership relations with employees, and invest in the development of their professional competences and interests.