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    Generali Poland: Responsible Employer - Leader HR 2020

    Generali Poland was awarded the title of Responsible Employer - Leader HR 2020. The granted award confirms that the company is a reliable and solid employer worth recommending, as well as an attractive choice for candidates.

    The programme jury paid special attention to how Generali invests in the development of its employees. A wide catalogue of various internal trainings and development projects was appreciated. The justification of the choice draws attention also to the internal recruitment system "Spread your Wings with Generali", which allows employees to develop their skills within the organization.

    Krystyna Matysiak, member of the Board of Directors of General, said: “Investing in employees and strengthening their competences is related to one of Generali's values - VALUE OUR PEOPLE. A responsible employer is not only a slogan, but above all the way in which we operate and treat our employees on a daily basis. Therefore, we are pleased with the award. At Generali, we want to build a partnership culture based on openness and trust. The training and development programmes we offer are an important part of our broader approach to employees. We strive to develop their strengths and support them in every area. It is of great importance to us because when our employees achieve success, we also achieve it in our company.”

    The jury of the competition also noticed the involvement of Generali in activities for the benefit of local community. For years, the company has been regularly organizing blood donation campaigns, supporting children from selected orphanages and care facilities during holiday campaigns, or taking part in mentoring programmes for young people.

    The jury also noted the Generali´s involvement in first "Therapeutic hypothermia in neonatal transport" project in Poland. As part of it, also with the cooperation with Generali´s The Human Safety Net foundation and the Medical University of Karol Marcinkowski in Poznań and Medical University Professor Jan Mazela, MD, Ph.D., Generali equipped three neonatological ambulances in Poland with specialized device for therapeutic hypothermia. These are the only ambulances in Poland that help children with perinatal hypoxia already during transportation to hospital. Due to the fact that help can already be provided in the ambulance, the negative effects of hypoxia are minimized, and a newborn receives a chance for proper development.

    The "Responsible Employer HR Leader" programme is addressed to companies that care for working conditions and employee development is an important element of the strategy. The main criteria for selecting programme winners is broadly understood quality of employment. The goal is to disseminate and promote appropriate patterns, models and strategies of actions in the field of personnel policy and strategies for integrating personnel matters with business goals.