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    #TheHumanSafetyNet #THSN4Families

    Generali Romania becomes the first country in the Austria, CEE & Russia Region to join The Human Safety Net in an effort to help families overcome generational poverty.

    One of the great hurdles underprivileged families face is the cyclical nature of generational poverty, which deprives people of the skills and resources necessary to improve their living conditions or help their children build better lives.

    Generali Romania is setting out to change that. Working together with The Human Safety Net, is finalizing the search is on for an association that can provide parents and children a series of opportunities including teaching, counselling and dedicated spaces, as well as workshops on child education, nutrition, household finance and more. Workshops will be facilitated by expert coaches who sit down with parents, talking together and working out ways to improve living conditions for themselves and future generations.

    “We are genuinely excited and proud to be a part of this global initiative,” said Adrian Marin, CEO of Generali Romania and one of the key players present at the kick-off ceremony held in Bucharest in late February. “THSN will bring a new dimension to our activities, aligning us with the entire Generali Group. Our people have proven over and over again that living the community is part of our DNA, and I’m convinced that together we can achieve even greater results in the future.”

    “The Human Safety Net is becoming one of the most important sustainability initiatives powered by Generali,” noted Luciano Cirinà, Austria, CEE & Russia Regional Officer and CEO of Generali CEE Holding. “The project extends our mission beyond our day-to-day business, helping the most vulnerable members of our society. This kick-off meeting in Romania is an important moment not only for Generali Romania but for the entire Region.“

    Attendees at the two-day event included management from roughly 20 different departments in Generali Romania, including Communication, HR, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Products, Sales and others.

    THSN’s local ambassador, Alexandra Oprea, echoed the positive mood that reigned over the kick-off. “We’re all here because we care. Supporting children in need is something that really touches people on a human level, helping us all feel engaged.”