Generali SpA


    Generali Serbia is the first Family Friendly financial organization in Serbia

    Generali Serbia is the first financial organization to receive the Family Friendly Enterprise certificate, which confirms that the company has provided its employees with various benefits to improve their work-life balance. With this Family Friendly Enterprise certificate is Generali the first out of 90 financial organization in Serbia.

    Second from left: Dragan Filipović, CEO of Generali Serbia, receiving the Family Friendly Enterprise certificate

    Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Generali Osiguranje Srbija, Dragan Filipović said: “I am proud of the certificate we have received, which confirms that we put our people first. More than 1,500 people work in our company. Their happiness is a precondition for company’s success and this is why we are introducing various activities and benefits to help them enjoy some of their most important life moments stress-free. Given that we are working in an industry where work is fast-paced and intensive, it is important for us that our people can balance their personal and business needs. This is how we made a significant difference in working conditions, not only compared to how we used to operate, but also compared to other companies in Serbia and the region”.

    Family Friendly Enterprise is a procedure which is based on the principle of socially responsible management of the company, with the focus on balancing work and private life. This certificate also reflects the competitive advantage of companies which have positive effects on society. The certificate is awarded by certification body TMS CEE, according to the certification scheme made by Ekvilib Institute from Slovenia.

    Applying these standards in everyday operations, puts Generali Serbia in a prestigious group of employers and makes it the first and only financial organization, out of more than 90 that are operating in Serbia, that has received this important certificate which confirms that the company’s family friendly status.

    In recent years, Generali Serbia has actively worked on introducing different activities in order to improve the quality of life of its employees – for example flexible working hours, working outside of the office, shorter working hours after coming back from maternity leave while receiving all benefits of full working hours, counselling for parents whose children are starting high school, additional vacation days for single parents, funding school supplies for children with single parents, relax zone for a break with social games or massage, anti-stress yoga workshops etc.

    Generali Serbia has formed a Family Friendly team which oversees the introduction of new measures, so that within three years from receiving the basic certification, the company can receive the full FFE certificate. The new measures include: loans for employees, additional days off for new fathers, days off and shorter working hours for parents whose children are starting kindergarten or school, adjusting working conditions to employee’s personal situation, days off for volunteering, increased communication with employees etc.