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    Global Agent Excellence Contest winner announced

    Generali’s third Global Agent Excellence Contest brought together top agents, drawn from its network of 165,000 worldwide, to celebrate their spirit of innovation and the passion and energy they bring to customers.

    At the Grand Finale, hosted virtually by Group Chief Marketing & Customer Officer Isabelle Conner, 300 agents, countries representatives and Generali’s top management voted to elect Generali’s best agent in 2021 from the Group’s global network.

    Carmen Martínez Rodríguez from Spain has been crowned as Generali’s best agent due to her dynamic, empathetic and innovative approach that embodies Generali’s Lifetime Partner ambition.

    Austria, CEE & Russia Region celebrated also a great achievement as it had three sales representatives in the Top 10 of the world´s best agents – Claudia Mezzina-Macher from Austria, Csaba Szekeres from Hungary and Boris Plesnicar from Slovenia.

    Luciano Cirinà, Austria, CEE & Russia Regional Officer and CEO of Generali CEE Holding, commented: “I am really proud to see three of our agents from the Region being in the top 10. It is a recognition for the commitment showed in this exceptional year. Our sales force showed to be able to take on the mission to transform us managing to stay closer to our customers.

    The agents were assessed on three key criteria – digitalisation, customer contact, and production & retention – all of which are at the heart of Generali’s Lifetime Partner ambition. There was also recognition for agents that have promoted the activities of Generali’s The Human Safety Net Foundation, including fundraising to support vulnerable families and the integration of refugees through work.

    Let’s have a closer look to our ACEER stars that have made it into this year’s Top 10 starting with Mrs. Claudia Mezzina-Macher ...

    For love I moved from Italy to Vienna, where I initially lived from art and only came to Generali by accident. My artistic qualities offer me the advantage, that I can offer special advices and individual solutions, through empathy and creativity. I try to advise my customers the way I wanted to be advised myself. I am an openminded person, who is respectful of other cultures, so both my circle of friends and my customer base are international. The Generali is my second home for me, and the customers and colleagues are my extended family,” described herself Claudia.

    Congratulations also to Mr. Csaba Szekeres and Mr. Boris Plesnicar. Meet them through their video stories.

    Csaba Szekeres story is a real positive one, not just for being a talented agent with a solid digital and social presence, but because he has proven how hard work and resilience can fulfil a dream starting from the bottom and under unfavourable circumstances.

    Boris Plesnicar is a natural entrepreneur agent coming from a little village in Slovenia. One could say he has more customers than neighbours. Boris has set up a successful family business with a unique business model and the long-term goal of keeping his customers happy. He has pioneered the digitalization process providing almost only paperless contracts to his clients and arranging online meeting since 2013.

    What´s more, during the virtual ceremony a special recognition was given to six Generali Agents for their active involvement in The Human Safety Net. Four of them coming from Austria, CEE & Russia Region, one from Spain and France - Natalya Nasonova (Czech Rep.); Matej Kormanec (Slovakia); Eszter Balazs (Hungary); Beti Žibret (Slovenia); Silvia Rodriguez (Spain); Xavier Bourhis (France). They have taken The Human Safety Net and weaved it into the way they work, the way they live and made it part of who they are!



    The Contest, launched in 2016, involved 20 markets and 21 business units from across Europe, Latin America and Asia, with local champions identified through competitions to reach the Grand Finale where they showcased their approach in front of a panel consisting of Country Manager Italy & Global Business Lines Marco Sesana, Country Manager Germany Giovanni Liverani, Country Manager France & Europ Assistance Jean-Laurent Granier, Austria, CEE & Russia Regional Officer Luciano Cirinà, CEO International Jaime Anchustegui and Group Chief HR & Organization Officer Monica Possa.

    Generali’s Lifetime Partner ambition underpins its strategy, offering its customers innovative, personalised solutions thanks to its best-in-class product offer and omnichannel experience, with 82% of its agents able to operate fully remotely and digitally enabled. Starting in 2018, Generali has been deepening its business relationship with customers, with the ambition to become first choice in the Relationship Net Promoter Score (NPS) among its European international peers by 2021.


    Generali is one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers. Established in 1831, it is present in 50 countries in the world, with a total premium income of € 70.7 billion in 2020. With more than 72,000 employees serving 65.9 million customers, the Group has a leading position in Europe and a growing presence in Asia and Latin America. Commitment to sustainability is one of the enablers of Generali’s strategy, inspired by the ambition to be the Lifetime Partner to its customers, offering innovative and personalized solutions thanks to an unmatched distribution network. In Austria, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia the Group operates through its Austria, CEE & Russia Regional Office (Prague) in 13 countries as one of the top three insurers in the Region.