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    How to respond to a decline in the financial markets

    Josef Beneš, CEO of Generali Investments CEE, and Radomír Jáč, Chief Analyst in the company, comment on the current situation.

    (video is in Czech)

    How to respond to a decline in the financial markets

    Josef Beneš:
    Dear clients, I greet you and wish you good luck in these difficult times. I believe that in this unprecedented period, each and every one of us are concerned about our own health as well as that of our loved ones. On the other hand, we know that each problem will sooner or later pass and that our lives will return to normal. Therefore it is my wish to assure you that even at this moment we are doing our best for your investments.

    This is not for the first time for us

    Josef Beneš:
    Yes, the entire global market, including the Czech market, shows a significant decline which is reflected in the value of our funds. However, this is just a temporary phenomenon and we need to survive this chapter as we have done many times in the past. There is no need to panic, to withdraw money from funds, and thereby incurring losses. On the contrary, it is a good time to wait until these exaggerated and nervous responses from the market have returned to normal.

    Our analysts, as well as our portfolio managers, deliver their best performance and quality and they have my utmost confidence. With a clear conscience I can say that they also fully deserve your confidence.

    Economy receives support
    Financial sector in a good state

    Radomír Jáč: The previous major crisis, that hit the world in 2008, was originated directly in the financial markets. However the situation we are now facing is completely different. The banks and financial sector in general are in a very good condition. In addition, governments and central banks responded to the situation immediately, supporting the operation of individual sectors and releasing funds. We take care not only of the health of all our citizens, we also take care of the good state of the economy.

    Advantageous prices for buying

    Radomír Jáč:
    In the times we are experiencing now, it is preferable to take advantage of low prices and to invest with a significant discount. Such opportunities to buy may occur only a couple of times in your life. In addition, it can be profitable to invest on a regular basis, then you do not need to be afraid of missing the cheapest prices. Having performed a thorough analysis, we select for our funds only financially healthy companies that are able to cope with a short-term loss of income.

    We will make it together

    Josef Beneš:
    Above all, I wish you good health, and I strongly believe that we will make it together!