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    Marcela Středová, Katarína Bobotová, Lenka Kejíková and others. See who are the most influential women in the financial world in the Czech Republic.

    A unique overview of 53 bankers, economists, managers and other long-term influential women in the financial sector in the Czech Republic.

    We proudly demonstrate that three of those inspiring women are from the Generali Group in the Czech Republic – Marcela Středová, Austria & CEE Chief Risk Officer, Katarína Bobotová, Head of Strategy and HR at Generali Česká pojišťovna, Lenka Kejíková, CEO of Generali pension company.

    Project #FinŽeny, of which Generali Česká pojišťovna is a proud general partner, has included 53 ladies in its Hall of Fame, who have been among the most visible and influential personalities in the financial world. The aim of this overview is to reward women who leave a significant mark on the Czech financial segment.

    Lenka Kejíková, CEO of Generali pension company, commented: "At the meeting with #FinŽeny, we had a nice evening program with networking. When I read the invitation, I was simply expecting a nice event in the circle of inspiring women. But I did not expect the announcement of my name on the list of the most influential women in finance. I'm very happy and I very appreciate it. There are many great women on this list, but one of them is special to me - my former boss Marcela Středová, who also received this great recognition. Marcela holds senior positions in Generali. She had a big impact on my career. Even for what kind of manager and person I have become.”

    "This overview is not intended to be an exhaustive closed list and does not even serve as a ranking. The ladies are listed alphabetically, both from the ranks of active top managers and prominent managers from previous decades. Our goal is to serve as an inspiration and a reminder of the success of exceptional ladies in the Czech financial segment,” says Jaroslav Kramer from Cover Story, which organizes the #FinŽeny project, adding that the number of 53 refers to the very first two classes of the Minerva Grammar School, which in 1890 was the first in the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy to allow girls to pursue a high school diploma.

    Already during the preparations of the project, since March 2021, the Cover Story team collected recommendations for ladies who have been successfully operating in the Czech financial world for a long time and are thus among the most visible and influential personalities in this segment. For example, from the highest representatives of Czech financial institutions, representatives of the journalistic, academic and professional community. At the same time, the Cover Story team mapped important Czech rankings, such as Forbes magazine or Hospodářské noviny. The final overview was then compiled by representatives of the #FinŽeny project on the basis of available references or recommendations, and at the same time it was consulted with economic journalists across media houses and selected market experts.

    The unique project #FinŽeny brings together inspiring women from the financial world across professions, brings a debate on key topics of the entire segment to the public space and inspires with the stories of women whose expertise the finance sector stands on. The project, which is intended for all women operating in the financial segment, no matter if they are in a senior management or junior positions, is covered by the Cover Story content agency in cooperation with the largest financial institutions on the Czech market.

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