Generali SpA


    Mission: Sustainability. We have never stopped!

    Sustainability is the ability of businesses to create long-term value while, at the same time, preserving the environment and acting for the common good. This is all the more evident for companies with a worldwide presence, such as Generali, for their impact and influence go beyond the perimeter of their stock capitalisation and short-term financial performance. Generali’s purpose - “Enable people to shape a safer future by caring for their lives and dreams” refers to this vision.

    Our role is about creating long-lasting value focusing on relevant megatrends that will shape the business and society, keeping into perspective the long-term impact on all our stakeholders: not only shareholders and clients but also employees, distributors, suppliers, local communities, the environment, future generations and society at large.

    Understanding the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. That is our vision to drive more sustainable growth, inspire trust in our brand and become a sustainable leader in our markets.

    Spend a few minutes of your time to discover the actions Generali have been taking to contribute to tackling four crucial current issues.


    While the lockdown measures taken in many parts of the world to fight the pandemic brought down greenhouse gas emissions, the restart of the economy could soon bring us back to previous levels of pollution. A more incisive action is needed to flatten also the emission curve.

    To respond to the challenge posed by climate change, we have invested more than € 2.7 billion in a year in clean technology and energy efficiency sectors. Also, we support our clients in their “green transition” with insurance solutions worth € 1.36 billion and provide protection to clients exposed to physical risks related to climate change. We are implementing a bold action plan that focuses on clean energy and support to a green transition because there won’t be a vaccine to protect us against climate change.

    We have never stopped, discover our strategy to #ReshapeValue.


    In recent months older citizens are not just struggling with greater health risks: isolation has amplified the challenges for their autonomy and financial protection. That's why we are providing solutions to complement their social security needs and we are investing in key sectors for keeping the elderly healthy and with a high quality of life.


    In a context of social distancing, such as the COVID-19 emergency, the acceleration of digital transformation has proved to be essential like never before.

    We have thus relied on the digitization of our commercial network and our operating model to be at the side of the customers even remotely while ensuring the safety of our colleagues.

    And we keep leveraging digital innovation and smart collaboration to develop new insurance solutions and provide technologically advanced services in many areas: from smart home and mobility to digitally empowered health & wellness programs.


    Lockdown and necessary protective measures have produced serious effects on economic and political stability throughout the world.

    The turbulence in the financial market is proving how essential is our asset allocation strategy to guarantee solidity to our customers and to support economic recovery.

    We also believe that international dialogue among decision-makers is key to foster effective global governance and overcome common challenges.