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    #rozdychejto on Probě Health workers running free, thanks to Generali Investments CEE

    A mission by Czech doctors into Third World countries, hundreds of examinations, dozens of cases of heart disease discovered, a series of operations that the locals there could never afford. The annual work of Nadační fond České srdce (Czech Heart Foundation) deserves not only our admiration but also our support, such as that brought for the third year in a row by the running event called Probě (Saturday, 3 October).

    Also, Generali Investments CEE will get involved in this event this year – the Company will, among other things, pay the entry fee for all newly registered medical staff. Health workers and people working with them stood for weeks and still are standing at the front line of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The charity race Probě, together with its partner – Generali Investments CEE, will financially support them in these challenging times.

    Health workers will be relieved of the obligation to pay the entry fee. However, this will not be the only reward for them – their participation will actually provide considerable help to České srdce Foundation. Indeed, the proceeds including the entry fee paid by Generali Investments CEE on behalf of health workers will go to support the activities of this fund. In this manner, the fund will not lose, and the entry fee will help prevent heart disease.

    And prevention is what matters to Probě Did you know, for example, that not only in the Czech Republic, every second person dies from heart disease? And in Third World countries, they often have no chance of even detecting heart disease. And this is where the money from Probě should help. Thanks to this money, Czech doctors can travel to these parts of the world on regular missions.

    “By this activity we want to say thank you to the entire medical staff, not only for how they manage to fight coronavirus but for everything they have been doing for our society for many decades. They deserve our admiration,” says Josef Beneš, Chairman of the Board of Generali Investments CEE, himself a keen sportsman. He then adds how the idea came about. “It was a quick decision taken immediately when the coronavirus started to be a problem. From the very first moment we knew that we wanted to help them, that our medics deserve our support most of all – and not only financially.“

    Absolutely everyone can get involved in Probě The race is for all runners as well as for nordic walking fans, and takes place in the picturesque area of Kunratický les (Kunratice Forest). The background of the race can be found in the close vicinity of IKEM.

    In addition to races on tracks with approximate lengths of 6 and 11 kilometres and children's runs, participants can once again look forward to educational programs aimed at preventing heart disease. “We also want to help here, in the Czech Republic. Therefore we will be familiarising participants with heart disease and its prevention, measuring blood pressure, blood sugar levels, taking ECGs and teaching the essential elements of resuscitation," explains Doctor Michal Pazderník, Ph. D., FESC, cardiologist from the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine and one of the founders of the České srdce Foundation.

    Registration of runners is available online at, and it costs CZK 550. Children will pay just CZK 100. The run through Kunratický les is heading to its third year on Saturday 3 October 2020.

    More information is available at, or on the Facebook pages of the Probě project. Register in time and contribute to the České srdce Foundation with your entry fee.


    When: Saturday, 3 October; Where: Kunratický les (Kunratice Forest)


    The proceeds will go to the account of České srdce Foundation.


    (The original article was published on3 September 2020 in Czech daily Pražský deník)