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    Run in Forests 2020 and Generali Investments CEE

    This year the Run in Forests event and Generali Investments CEE celebrate a three-year partnership, which dates back to 2018, because a healthy lifestyle and healthy finances go together. During these 3 seasons, 24 successful races took place at 8 locations in the Czech Republic; a number of successful projects were implemented, and thousands of runners were happy to participate.

    Let’s look at this year’s season as this one has been the most popular of all three seasons with an incredible 14,515 runners participating.

    This successful season started with the charity event called #rozdychejto, thanks to which the partners helped in spring by donating CZK 1,000,000 for the purchase of pulmonary ventilators in 8 regional hospitals, mainly due to the generous financial donation by Generali Investments CEE. But the help to hospitals was only a part of the whole story, as the free continuation of the #rozdychejto event enabled 328 health care professionals to participate in the Run in Forests race free of charge. After weeks of exhausting dedication, health care professionals got the chance to relax and enjoy the fresh air in the outdoors as opposed to being confined to the hospital premises.

    The Run in Forests event takes place in the most beautiful areas of the Czech countryside, and its organisation is environmentally sustainable. It shares this value together with Generali Investments CEE, which means both race participants and nature received the utmost care. Runners have been instructed to be responsible in terms of waste separation and reduction of non-recyclable wastes during the race. Thanks to the cooperation with Generali Investments CEE, 1.8 tons of waste were separated in the race throughout the season. Organisers stopped using disposable cups, replacing them with so-called speed-cups, which can be used repeatedly. In this way, 100,000 disposable cups were not thrown away during the seasons. Thus this running series has become one of the first mass events without the use of disposable cups.

    The red relaxation service area of Generali Investments CEE for participants of Run in Forests is known to everyone. Runners are free to get some snacks and drinks both before and after the race and strengthen their muscles through muscle tapping, and there is a children’s corner with various competitions available to parents with kids. The fees for muscle tapping helped to collect CZK 834,954 for 8 stories of children with musculoskeletal system troubles. In addition to tapping, Generali Investments CEE also offers a so-called analysis of results to runners, which allows the runners to compare their performance and times with other runners. This service has been used by 4,925 users this year.