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    Generali donates the COVID-19 insurance package to doctors and nurses

    • Croatian Medical Chamber and Croatian Nursing Council agreed with Generali osiguranje a free COVID-19 insurance package

    Zagreb - In agreement with the Croatian Medical Chamber and the Croatian Nursing Council, Generali osiguranje has donated an insurance package covering COVID-19 hospital treatment and providing a post-ICU convalescence benefit to all doctors and nurses directly involved in treatment of COVID-19 patients as employees of public health institutions in the Republic of Croatia.

    The insurance period lasts for three months, from 1 May to 31 July, and the reimbursement will be paid by Generali in cases of hospital treatment of the doctors or nurses diagnosed with COVID-19 during the insurance period who started to receive hospital treatment in the same period.

    In the case of hospital treatment of this disease, Generali will pay the doctors and nurses a daily benefit of Croatian kuna equivalent amount of EUR 50 for each day of the hospital treatment, for up to ten days.

    Moreover, in the case of treatment in an intensive care unit, Generali will pay to the doctors and nurses – in addition to the daily benefit – a fixed convalescence benefit of Croatian kuna equivalent amount of EUR 1,500 upon completion of the intensive care unit treatment against COVID-19.

    CEO of Generali osiguranje d.d. Mario Carini emphasized: “I thank the Croatian Medical Chamber and the Croatian Nursing Council for the extraordinary effort doctors and nurses are making in this period, contributing to the safety, care and protection of all of us. After the donation to the Croatian Institute of Public Health we announced a few days ago, this initiative is once more a tangible proof of Generali’s concrete and direct engagement to tackle this extraordinary situation at global level."

    President of the Croatian Medical Chamber Kresimir Luetić praised this initiative: “I thank Generali osiguranje for recognizing that doctors and nurses, who are fighting the epidemic on the front lines every day, are exposed to the highest risk of being infected by the new coronavirus.”

    President of the Croatian Nursing Council Mario Gazić thanked Generali osiguranje for creating this special insurance package and pointed out: “I express hope that as few doctors and nurses as possible will need this form of assistance.”

    Generali osiguranje is grateful to all the healthcare professionals for their efforts to keep us all safe.


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