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    THSN Scale-Up initiative launched in Bulgaria to further support parents and children in need

    The Human Safety Net partner of the Families programme in Bulgaria, For Our Children Foundation, will expand the scope of its activity, and allow more integrated social services and support to children and parents in 127 locations in Sofia and Plovdiv.

    This will be the focus of the new programme ‘Holistic support for early child development’ which will be developed over the next 3 years. The programme aims to bring the first joint project of THSN Bulgaria and For Our Children Foundation to the next level.

    Thanks to the Scale-Up Impact initiative of The Human Safety Net, For Our Children Foundation will replicate its flagship holistic model in these 127 locations in new 9 municipalities. Working in partnership with municipalities, the local Ngo will transfer their know-how and build local capacity for cross-sectoral cooperation. Over the three years of the programme, the NGO plans to train 1,800 professionals who will work with parents and children in these municipalities.

    Within the new programme children, living in vulnerable conditions, and children with developmental difficulties, will have an access to key services on the spot, not only in the centres of For Our Children Foundation in Sofia and Plovdiv. It will allow the NGO partner to expand their mobile specialized services in many new places. The scope of the initiative will cover 8500 children and 7000 parents between 2022 and 2025.

    ‘Our mission is to secure the future of the children in Bulgaria and to succeed we have to combine the efforts of the public, private, and non-profit sectors’ said Nikolay Stanchev, CEO of Generali Bulgaria.

    THSN Bulgaria and For Our Children Foundation started their partnership in the end of 2019 with the first project “Open the Way to Early Childhood Development” and thanks to it more than 1800 children and 2600 parents received support.



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