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    Personal Data Processing

    The processing of all personal data is subject to the legal regulations, in particular to the Personal Data Protection Act. The data processing therefore always only takes place at an extent which is commensurate to the specific service or the purpose of the processing.

    What data do we process?

    We only process that data which is necessary to enable us to provide our services and to enable us to adhere to our legal obligations and protect our justified interests. We mainly collect information about our suppliers and employees. For example, we process data about company representatives, including the members of the statutory bodies and the employees, the beneficial owners of companies, depending on the nature of the situation.

    Why do we process your data?

    We process your data at the extent which is essential for the given purpose - for example, so that we can cooperate with our suppliers and fulfill our legal obligations. We are obliged to process personal data in accordance with a number of laws. We have to process a lot of data for archiving purposes or because it is necessary to do so in order to protect the rights and legally protected interests of both our group. Nevertheless, the processing of data to this end is restricted and we are always careful to assess the existence of a legitimate interest.

    How can you process requests for GDPR related rights?How can you process requests for GDPR related rights?

    In order to process GDPR related requests towards Generali CEE Holding, B.V., use the GDPR request form. After filling the form, please sign the form with officially verified signature and send this form to or correspondence address: Compliance department, Generali CEE Holding B.V., Na Pankráci 1658/121, 140 21 Prague 4, Czech Republic.

    The outcome of your request will be communicated to due course according to GDPR rules.

    How to register personal data incident?

    Any loss or leakage of personal data information or suspicion of personal data loss must be registered, in order to ensure proper and timely investigation. To register personal data related incidents you are kindly asked to fill personal data incident form.