Generali SpA


    Czech Republic

    The Czech Republic is one of our largest markets in the Austria, CEE & Russia Region. We have two major brands in this market, namely Česká pojišťovna and Generali pojišťovna.

    Gross written premiums
    € 1,813 mln
    Life Market share
    P&C Market share

    The Generali Group is one of the Czech Republic’s leading insurance groups, with annual premium income of €1.813 mln and a market share of 29%. Česká pojišťovna—a member of the Generali Group—is market leader, and Generali pojišťovna ranks fifth. These two companies offer a full range of insurance solutions. In addition, ČP ZDRAVÍ provides health insurance cover and Penzijní společnost České pojišťovny is a specialist pension insurer.

    Česká pojišťovna

    Česká pojišťovna is the market leader in the Czech insurance market. It is a composite insurance company that offers a wide range of both life and P&C insurance products. It has an insurance portfolio of nearly 7 million policies.

    In 2017, Česká pojišťovna’s total market share—measured using the methodology of the Czech Insurers Association (ČAP)—reached 22.1%. It had an 17.9% share of the life insurance market and a 24.4% share of the P&C insurance market. Česka pojištovna’s position as the local insurance market leader was confirmed by the company’s numbers last year, when premium written exceeded €1 billion.

    Gross written premium in the P&C insurance segment in 2017 came to €731 million, and premium written in the life insurance segment totalled €319 million.

    Generali pojišťovna

    Generali pojišťovna is the fifth largest insurance company in the Czech market. It has a market share of 6.9%. The company recorded total GWP of €330 million with life insurance contributing €109 million and P&C contributing €221 million.

    Česká pojišťovna ZDRAVÍ

    Česká pojišťovna ZDRAVÍ is the largest provider of private health insurance in the Czech Republic.

    Penzijní společnost České pojišťovny

    Česká pojišťovna’s pension company is the leading provider of pension insurance in the Czech Republic.