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    Generali Serbia Ceo Dragan Filipovic: “When you’ve won gold medals for years, anything less is unacceptable”

    In an interview with Svet osiguranja monthly, Generali osiguranje CEO Dragan Filipović comments the result of being elected as the most profitable insurance company on the Serbian market for the tenth consecutive year. An achievement possible due to a systematic and ongoing work that convinced customers to renew more than 90 percent insurance policies.

    “When you’ve won gold medals for years, anything less is unacceptable. Since we have been market leaders for a long time, we want to beat the 2020 result, to be closer to our clients and to make sure our existing clients do not want to leave us.

    The COVID pandemic seems to have opened people’s eyes to the fact that surprise events can happen in all areas of their life and business, which are not directly related to life and health, such as their home. Clients’ awareness of the importance of insurance was great, hence all types of both life and non-life insurance policies were renewed equally.

    When we offered customers to buy a travel health insurance policy in just five clicks, it was a revolution in the market. Now, in line with customers’ changing behaviour and expectations, we sell more than 40 percent of our travel health insurance policies online.

    Over the past four years, we have been trying to assure clients that a life insurance policy primarily serves to financially protect the family in case of dramatic events. The policy cannot prevent an unwanted event, but it can mitigate its consequences.

    In 2020, the importance of insurance became clear when insured risks linked to COVID begun to realize, as we have included the coronavirus infection and side effects risk in our clients’ insurance policies.

    Our ambition of a lifetime partner is incorporated into the Generali Group’s strategy and it will remain our guiding principle in the future. This involves our strive to make all clients who pinned their trust on us to be our lifelong partners. We hope that they never want to leave us because they have gained trust and they are satisfied with our service and want to recommend us to others.

    SMEs are the engine of growth of many economies, including ours. Over the past ten years we have been dedicated to SMEs. Generali osiguranje Srbija offers a wide range of products intended for SMEs, their business operations and their employees. We tend to modify our products depending on the business activity of a certain company. There is great potential for growth in this area.

    The fact that the company has been in existence for 190 years gives Generali employees confidence because a strong, reliable company with a long tradition stands behind us. When people hear that the company has existed for so long, that we have successfully navigated through wars, crises, now the pandemic, it gives them security. Insurers do not sell a tangible product like a glass, but a promise that we will be there for the client when a tragic or unwanted event occurs.”