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    Digital innovations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: Video-inspections and remote life insurance

    The outbreak of Covid-19 virus paralyzed the current way of life not only of our clients, employees and partners but impacted also common processes of our company for several weeks and months. However, it has also accelerated the adoption of profound digital innovations. In prompt reaction to the occurred situation, Generali Česká pojišťovna and Generali Slovakia have come with video-inspections of insurance events regarding vehicles and property. Moreover, Generali in Slovakia has enabled clients to conclude life insurance remotely.

    One of the main problems that needed to be tackled during the past months was the retention of continuity of all processes and services by preventing from the social contact not only among the employees but also among the employees and clients by concluding new contracts, inspections and insurance claims. In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, they have recently launched a new technological solution for damage documentation – the so-called video inspections. The assisted video call enables the technicians to map and, above all, photograph selected damage to motor vehicles and property. And all this without the need of a personal meeting. This extremely easy solution (no special app needed, just smartphone with internet connection) which use is expected in the future can fully replace the usual personal examination.

    Generali Poisťovňa in Slovakia started property and vehicles damage inspections in a contact-free manner and remotely owing to the online technology already during March, being the first insurance company on the market to offer this remote option to customers. The Czech Republic followed in the second half of April becoming the first insurer on the Czech market to video-inspect both property and vehicles damage. “Our goal is to bring clients such measures that will make it easier for them to resolve the insured event and also significantly speed it up. Video tours are clear proof of that, and we were able to put them into operation in less than two weeks. It turns out that we can react quickly to situations. We will continue to invest significantly in digital technologies,” commented Jiří Doubravský, Chief Operations Officer of Generali Česká pojišťovna.

    On the top of that, in Generali Slovakia they implemented a novelty and enabled life insurance to be concluded remotely, via acceptance of the insurance contract through the remittance thereof. A sales agent may thus conclude the life insurance without the need to meet a client and the entire process of concluding the insurance runs exclusively electronically. “Tied agent gets in touch with a client who wants to conclude the life insurance via a video-call or classic telephone call. Based on client needs and analysis of his/her financial situation, the sales agent prepares the tailor-made offer of the life insurance for a client. Consequently, they discuss it jointly and if a client agrees with the wording of the insurance contract, it can be concluded”, explained Peter Koštival, Director of Life Insurance section in Generali Poisťovňa. A client receives a draft of an insurance contract to e-mail. Payment acceptance serves instead of a signature – a client declares his/her consent with concluding insurance by reimbursement of the insurance premium.