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    Generali - 30 years in Hungary

    The key to the sustainable success of a company, and thus of Generali, is the preservation of values and to continuously foster and develop the culture.

    From left: DDr. Günter Neumann, Anna Hegedűs, István Filvig, Dr. Luciano Cirina – regional CEO, Dr. Mátyás Pálvölgyi – Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Dietrich Karner, Mihály Erdős - CEO, Ilics László – Deputy CEO, Dr. Károly Gergely

    In 1989 – when possible by the political situation - Generali was the first insurance company to launch a subsidiary in a former socialist country, so after a 43-years forced break, the winged lion could return to Hungary.

    We can be proud of having accomplished the original goals of the founders over the past 30 years. Generali's position has quickly solidified and within a short period of time, the brand became popular among retail and corporate clients and meant a dominant player on the Hungarian financial market – thanks to the products, spirit and communication considered as new on the insurance market.

    "Beyond products, processes, systems and communication, the most important success factor, which sets us apart from our competitors is the commitment of our employees," stressed Mihály Erdős, CEO of Generali Hungary, and continued: "We are proud of the strength of our community, the commitment of our colleagues, tied agents and brokers, who as brand-ambassadors represent our values every day to our clients."

    On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Generali’s re-establishment at the invitation of Dr. Mátyás Pálvölgyi, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, we are pleased to welcome in Budapest our key founder colleagues and also Luciano Cirinà, our Austria, CEE & Russia Regional Officer. We believe that our guests are proud as well of the journey we have made over the last 30 years.

    Luciano Cirinà, Austria, CEE & Russia Regional Officer, commented: “Great to meet the founding fathers of our comeback to Hungary first and then to the whole CEE region. Their vision and courage are an inspiration for all of us! A great company that developed from green field to market leadership. Thanks, congratulations and great respect for all generations, past and present, of Generali, Providencia and EUB colleagues as well as to the Austrian colleagues who supported the start of this journey that seemed incredible when we started with the Iron Curtain still up.”