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    Generali among the best companies offering insurance for children at school

    Parents no longer trust teachers, therefore they aim to buying a school accident insurance on their own via the Internet, leading Polish media Gazeta Wyborcza points out. The article analyzes the best products available and Generali is listed among the insurance companies offering the best coverage. In the offer is included the payment for a hospitalization as a result of food poisoning, compensation for being bitten by animals, dental reconstruction costs, and additional benefits due to temporary inability to study. The company pays up to PLN 10,000 for the rental or purchase of orthopaedic appliances and aids (including a wheelchair damaged due to an accident, damaged glasses or damaged hearing aids). Psychological assistance is also included.

    According to Gazeta Wyborcza,, owned by Generali Polska, is among the top three companies with the best offers. Few years ago, started a great revolution making parents aware that it is better to buy insurance on their own instead of relying on the schools as it was in the past. The cheapest product is the one year option for 35 PLN. There are six others offers and the most expensive one goes for 157 PLN per year. The latter offer has the upper limit of the insurer's liability set at 80 thousand PLN in case of a traffic accident. For one day of hospitalization the customer will receive PLN 100. The upper limit for reimbursement of private treatment and rehabilitation is already PLN 7.5 thousand.

    Other companies similar products are Unilink, Signal Iduna and School Insurance Agency.