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    Generali Austria receives “Wirtschaft hilft!” award

    For its comprehensive commitment in the field of Corporate Volunteering, Generali Versicherung AG received the “Wirtschaft hilft!” award from the Fundraising Association Austria. The award ceremony took place on May 26 during the 3rd symposium “Corporate Volunteering” – for the first time in virtual space.

    The fact that Generali does not only financially support the organization Big Brothers Big Sisters Austria (BBBS) was one of the decisive factors for the jury, which selected a winner from a pool of many interesting and innovative projects. The Family Mentoring Program is to contribute to strengthening families in challenging situations with children between the ages of three to six. The company was actively involved in development of the program, which includes an intensive voluntary commitment of Generali employees. They act as co-trainers at workshops and as mentors, where they play an important role as an additional key carer for the little ones and a person they can trust. Another decisive factor was the high level of satisfaction and involvement of all participants in the course of the joint development and implementation.

    „I am very pleased that the initiative of Generali together with BBBS is being recognized by the ‘Wirtschaft hilft!’ campaign”, explains Tilmann Buchner, Head of The Human Safety Net in Austria. “Many colleagues invest their time and energy in the Family Mentoring Program in order to give families the support they need. For us, the award for Corporate Volunteering is both recognition of this commitment and an incentive to continue along this path in the future.”

    „Generali’s volunteers create many positive moments with the children and families in the 1:1 mentoring,” says Birgit Radl-Wanko, Managing Director of BBBS Austria. „We appreciate Generali and The Human Safety Net as strong partners who value offering a well-founded program and showing families in challenging life situations really concrete and long-term perspectives as much as we do. We are very happy about this award and take it as motivation to continuously expand our programs in order to support even more families.”

    The family mentoring program gives children a better chance for the future

    Family Mentoring

    The Family Mentoring (FAME) program in Austria is part of The Human Safety Net – a global movement of people helping people. The mission is to unlock the potential of people living in vulnerable circumstances, so that they can transform the lives of their families and communities. FAME was specially developed by Generali to give children between the ages of three to six a better chance for their future. After all, early support is crucial for the further course of life. Generali employees volunteer as mentors and co-trainers at workshops. Families facing special challenges are accompanied in these workshops in order to discover their strengths and make better use of their potential. At the same time, mentors give the children time, attention and appreciation. Through the contact between the families, some of whom are struggling with similar problems, a new valuable community that supports each other is created.

    Big Brothers Big Sisters Austria

    The organization Big Brothers Big Sisters Austria is part of the largest children and youth mentoring program in the world. As a non-profit, independent association, BBBS is committed to giving all children and young people a fair chance in life. For this purpose, 1:1 mentoring programs for children are implemented together with parents and mentors at a high quality level. In family mentoring, families are strengthened in addition to mentoring through customized training. BBBS Austria manages the selection and support of parents and children as well as the training and supervision of mentors.

    Wirtschaft hilft!

    The “Wirtschaft hilft” campaign of the Fundraising Association Austria strengthens the awareness of Austrian companies for charitable involvement and is intended to increase the amount of donations to local non-profit organisations.

    Generali initiative the human safety net supports families in vulnerable circumstances

    The Human Safety Net

    The Human Safety Net is a global movement of people helping people. Our mission is to unlock the potential of people living in vulnerable circumstances so that they can transform the lives of their families and communities. The Human Safety Net three programs (for Families, for Refugee Start-Ups and for Newborns) support families with young children and integrate refugees through work. To do so, we bring together the strengths of non-profit organizations and the private sector, in Europe, Asia and South America. We are an open net and we welcome working with companies, organizations and foundations who share the same goals. The Human Safety Net was initiated as a foundation by Generali in 2017 and is now active in 22 countries with 47 NGO partners.