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    Generali Česká pojišťovna introducing innovation in life insurance

    Medik Leo online assistant will help determine the origin of health problems.

    • An application based on artificial intelligence uses data from medical teams and data specialists to evaluate more than 1,200 symptoms
    • Based on the symptoms and a closer specification of health problems provided by the client, the application can provisionally indicate over 600 diagnoses, with a success rate of 93%
    • For the most common diagnoses, the application is also able to provide users with medically verified facts about these diagnoses, without the need to search for this information in other sources

    Generali Česká pojišťovna introduced and put into practice an artificial intelligence-based chatbot called Medik Leo. The service, in the form of an online assistant, was developed for the Czech market by Europ Assistance, and its task is to help clients to determine the likely origin of their health problems.

    medical chatbot

    • Online assistant based on artificial intelligence
    • Able to indicate up to 600 diagnoses
    • Questions asked in the form of a chat
    • Success rate up to 93%
    • Available for clients with life insurance

    “Artificial intelligence in this way has entered the field of services related to life insurance of Genarali Česká clients. It is backed by high-quality medical data from international medical teams, linked to the work of data specialists. In addition, Medik Leo was subjected to thorough testing by doctors in the Czech Republic. Currently, it is able to identify more than 600 diagnoses, however in the future this number will grow,” describes in more detail Markéta Filová, Life Insurance Senior Manager at Generali Česká pojišťovna.

    Indication in the Event of Problems

    Medik Leo is a helpful application, however it should not be considered a substitute for a regular medical consultation or a medical emergency service. “Of course, our clients are consistently notified about this fact, including to what percentage the responses given by them correspond to the diagnosis. So everything is as transparent as possible, and for each indicated diagnose, we also recommend the medical department for people to contact”, adds Markéta Filová.

    The main role of this electronic assistant is to help people name their health problems in an easy and comprehensible way. The application has undergone extensive testing, which has confirmed that it can make a likely diagnosis in 93% of cases.

    Diagnosis Indicated Through a Chat

    Medik Leo Online works simply on the basis of an online chat:

    1. First, the client is asked to complete basic personal details (such as gender, age, height, weight, basic information about their medical history).
    2. In the next step, the client marks the area of symptoms on the figure of a man or a woman (he or she can select more areas). The client is then prompted to specify the symptom area and the problem.
    3. The online assistant then asks specific questions to which the user answers: YES, NO, DON’T KNOW. The questions relate to the symptoms identified in the previous step and to the wider context of their potential origin. The number of supplementary questions is not limited; there can be as many as twenty questions.
    4. Based on the answers to basic and supplementary questions, Medik Leo will show a probable diagnosis or cause(s) of the client’s health problems.
    5. At the end, the output from Medik Leo can be also downloaded in PDF format, printed and used as input information when consulting a doctor.