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    Generali logo is firmly anchored in the minds of the Austrian population

    According to a study by Telemark Marketing, the Austrian population likes the Generali logo the best. It also has the highest recognition value among all major insurance companies in Austria.

    A recent online survey conducted by Telemark Marketing looked at the recognition and the likeability of the logos of six major insurance companies in Austria. Within this study, Generali scored the best on the question concerning the recognition of the logos. Among all six logos, Generali achieved the highest recognition value with 49 percent, followed by Uniqa with 31 percent and Allianz with 26 percent.

    But not only is the logo of Generali firmly anchored in the minds of the Austrian population. 35 percent of the respondents also said that they liked the logo with the lion the best. Therefore, Generali also achieved the first place in ranking concerning the likeability of the logos. Uniqa came in second with 29 percent of the votes. The third place goes to Wiener Städtische, Allianz and Zurich. For each company, 12 percent of the respondents said they liked their logos the best.

    During a survey from last year, Generali already achieved another pleasing result. In a study by Telemark Marketing on the awareness and the liking of advertising slogans of major insurance companies in Austria, Generali came in second with the slogan "Uns geht's um Sie" (We are all about you) behind Wiener Städtische.