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    Generali Romania's We Learn program was awarded at the annual HR Club Gala

    The most recent edition of the annual HR Club Gala, held on March 31, brought a new distinction for Generali Romania with the We Learn program receiving the Generation Z Special Award.

    We Learn won the jury's appreciation due to its addressability, its multi-channel development, connection to the business and attractive promotion. The jury was composed of C-level managers and HR professionals who did not have projects submitted for the competition, as well as students and young entrepreneurs, exponents of Generation Z.

    This year, 34 companies from various industries participated, including Orange, Telekom, OMV, Kaufland, BCR, BT, KPMG, HP INC, Microsoft, Miele, Avon, Fan Courier, Genpac, Huawei Technologie, Zentiva , Medicover, Servier Pharma, Groupama or Uniqa. They submitted 55 projects in the six HR categories and 10 in the General Management category. The projects were accompanied by a pitch that explains the rationale of the initiative, the target audience, how they respond to business needs, management support, project promotion, implementation, results and sustainability.

    HR Club Romania is the Association of HR Professionals in Romania, which encourages the development of human resources by supporting and promoting best practices in the field. With a history of 20 years in the field of human resources, HR Club annually rewards, starting with 2008, the most successful HR projects.