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    Generali writes TOGETHER a new chapter of the Czech-Slovak story

    On December 17th 2021, representatives of Slovak Generali and Generali Česká pojišťovna signed a Sale of Business Contract at Villa Tugendhat in Brno (the Czech Republic), based on which Generali will operate in Slovakia as a branch company of Generali Česká pojišťovna, under the name Generali Poisťovňa. This step was approved by the relevant regulatory authorities.

    The contract was signed on behalf of Generali Česká pojišťovna by Roman Juráš, the Chairman of the Board, CEO and Country Manager of the Generali Group for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and by Petr Bohumský, Member of the Board of Directors and CFO. On behalf of the Slovak Generali, the contract was signed by Juraj Jurčík, the Chairman of the Board and CEO, and Andrea Leskovská, the Chief Insurance Officer and Board Member at Generali Slovakia.

    In the historical building where in 1992 the political leaders of the Czechoslovakia signed the documents that divided the country in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, Generali takes another step forward to the implementation of the Lifetime partner strategy in the Austria, CEE & Russia region. The SPOLU project (together in Czech and Slovak languages) aims to combine activities and synergies in various areas to provide the best and most innovative services for clients, agents and partners in both countries.

    Luciano Cirinà, Austria, CEE & Russia Regional Officer and CEO of Generali CEE Holding, comments on this big occasion: “After months of hard work and preparations, we begin a new era of the Czech-Slovak success story. I’m confident that this unique transformation in one company will strengthen our leadership position on the local markets and accelerate our digitization and simplification journey, sharing mutual experiences, ideas and technologies.”

    The joint management will operate under the leadership of Roman Juráš, Country Manager of the Generali Group for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and CEO of Generali Česká pojišťovna. “Since last year, we have been gradually deepening our cooperation, which has brought positive results on both sides. Our goal is to take the best of both companies – to make use of the size and power of the Czech Generali and the agility and innovative drive of Generali in Slovakia, and transform it into a common vision so that together we can continue to provide the best services for our customers and partners” – stated Roman Juráš after the signing of the contract.

    Juraj Jurčík, Charmain of the Board and CEO of Generali Slovakia, will be in charge of the Slovak branch of Generali, whereas he will become a newly appointed Board Member of Generali Česká pojišťovna, being responsible for sales in Slovakia. “Joining our activities will allow us to share resources, constantly improve processes and thus bring clients even better solutions and services in terms of our ambition to become their Lifetime partner. We believe that thanks to the connection with one of the largest insurance companies from the Generali Group in the CEE region, we will continue to improve our services and offer for our clients in Slovakia” – stated Juraj Jurčík after the signing of the contract.

    The unification will have no effect on existing contracts or on services provided to customers or business partners. In the future company, some areas must remain separate. This is especially valid for business, where separate management is important not only for differences in distribution channels and business partners, but where is imperative ensuring a strong and offensive approach in each market separately.

    Product development and insurance underwriting also remain separate, so that they can locally support the business and use their own creativity regarding to the specifics of the market. However, the product areas will have joint management at the level of board members, divided into life and P&C insurance.

    All operational and supportive departments will be connected to a new structure to achieve the highest possible efficiency and ensure the continuity of our business.

    The Sale of Business Contract becomes effective on December 19th 2021. As of December 20th 2021, Generali will operate in Slovakia as a branch company of Generali Česká pojišťovna, under the name Generali Poisťovňa, a branch of an insurance company from another Member State.