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    Together with the Mountain Rescue Service, Generali Slovakia has launched a new app to help people in mountains

    Generali Slovakia is a proud partner of Slovak Mountain Rescue Service. Together with its team and Medical Information Technologies, Generali in Slovakia has recently released a new app called Mountain Rescue Service (Horská záchranná služba) to help people in Slovak mountains.

    Generali finds prevention, safety and health protection essential and, together with the Slovak Mountain Rescue Service, they thus decided to launch a unique mobile app named Mountain Rescue Service. Not only mountain rescue service workers but also tourists, who find themselves in need, will benefit from this app. This brings Generali again one step closer to its aim to become a lifetime partner for its clients wherever they are, whatever they do.

    “Mountains and insurance simply go hand in hand and we are therefore glad to have been able to support the development of this one-off app, which brings together exactly what our insurance company can best relate to – helping people, prevention and innovations. This is also a way how to be ever more active in our communities and how to help on spots, where the situation and circumstances require it,“ explains Juraj Jurčík, the Chairman of the Board and the CEO of Generali in Slovakia.

    The app allows you to call for help in mountains all around Slovakia by just one click, enabling you to communicate also through text messages or chat. If tourists get lost while hiking, they can share their location with the rescue team so the rescue workers can locate them easily or also can advise them how to get back on the trail.

    There is also a unique function involved in the app – an electronic logbook of your trips, which is an advanced technological innovation within the whole European Union. Apart from that, the app involves also other useful features. You may search for the nearest centre of the Mountain Rescue Service, rescue station or the closest mountain chalet. The app also includes useful information about the weather and cautions to be aware of within the area where the user is currently located.

    The app works not only in Slovakia but you can also use it in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria, where emergency calls or emergency text messages are redirected to the emergency rescue service or mountain rescue service of the particular country. One app can hence help in several countries without the necessity to download any local app.