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    Concordia and Generali merged

    On the 30th of July 2021, Concordia Polska T.U.S.A. has merged with Generali T.U.S.A. that assumed all the rights and obligations of Concordia Polska T.U.S.A., and thus became a party to the insurance contracts concluded by Concordia Polska TU SA. According to the agreement concluded with the previous owner, the brand Concordia will cease to be used and farmers will receive insurance coverage under the brand Generali Agro. The quality of services and the leading position in the agro insurance market, a team of experienced people and experts, as well as specialised intermediaries remain unchanged. Thanks to this merger, agents, brokers and banks cooperating with Concordia will be able to offer their clients a full range of insurance products available from Generali companies in Poland.

    Generali acquired the Concordia companies in 2018. The life companies were merged in late 2019. Concordia Polska's non-life merger process first required demutualization; therefore the merger itself with Generali TU SA was scheduled for this year. The merger process of Concordia Polska T.U.S.A. with Generali T.U.S.A. already started in 2020. Customers, agents and distributors have been receiving the information about the merger from September 2020.

    What does it mean for customers?

    Any insurance contracts concluded by customers with Concordia Polska T.U.S.A. remain in force and their terms remain unchanged. In particular, the rules of conduct related to the payment of benefits remain unchanged. Generali T.U.S.A. is currently responsible for the implementation of these contracts. Account numbers, current e-mail addresses and telephone numbers remain valid.

    Due to the merger, the existing logo of Concordia Ubezpieczenia Grupa Generali was replaced with the logo of Generali Agro. The Generali Agro brand was created with farmers in mind and will be used by Generali T.U.S.A. with regard to the distribution and service of products dedicated to this group of customers. Other types of insurance (e.g. flat, house, car) will be offered under the Generali brand.

    - The name and website are changing from Concordia to Generali Agro, but the quality of our services and the leading position in the agro insurance market, a team of experienced people and experts, as well as specialised intermediaries remain unchanged – says Roger Hodgkiss, CEO of Generali Poland.

    By accessing the existing website, users will be automatically redirected to the new website.

    What is changing for agents and distributors?

    Thanks to these changes, Concordia’s agents and partners will gain access to a wider insurance offer, increased by Generali brand products, which will create new business opportunities for them.

    - The nearly 25-year history of Concordia in Poland is a unique experience and strength of competence. This history has been built and is still being built by people, and nothing has changed in this regard. We believe that the integration of the expertise of Concordia’s employees with modern technologies and products, the implementation of which is enabled by the capital-strong Generali, will strengthen our cooperation with partners. The Generali team is enlarged by the existing employees of Concordia Polska T.U.S.A. Therefore, agents will be supported by the same employees as before the claims settlement, service, underwriting, sales or field employees – adds Roger Hodgkiss.

    Answers to frequently asked questions about this merger can be found on the Generali and Generali Agro website in a tab dedicated to this topic.



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