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    Generali “ZAME” (For Me) new loyalty programme launched in Slovenia

    Generali Slovenia Ceo, Vanja Hrovat, interviewed by VIVA magazine highlights the results achieved and the celebrations for the 25th year anniversary since the establishment of the company in Slovenia.

    Generali insurance company entered the Slovenian market 25 years ago on January 1st 1997, and has been successfully managed by Vanja Hrovat for eight years now, bringing Generali – with the help of a dedicated team of employees – among the largest and most trusted insurance companies on the Slovenian market. An understanding of customer needs, wide range of insurance and innovation quickly brought visibility to Generali. In 2007, Generali became the largest international insurance company in Slovenia. This year, when Generali is celebrating 25 years of operation on the Slovenian insurance market, its market share ranks second. VIVA magazine spoke with the President of the Management Board of Generali insurance company, Vanja Hrovat, who places the highest priority on the Lifetime partnership with customers and the sustainable attitude built into their operations and strategy.

    Generali insurance company is celebrating an important anniversary this year – 25 years of business in Slovenia. What is the basis of business success and customer trust?

    We at Generali focus on insured persons and their satisfaction. We want to understand their needs well, offer them the right and innovative solutions and stand by their side at every step, not only when something goes wrong – as a true lifetime partner.
    We entered the jubilee year with a new three-year strategic programme that focuses on sustainable business operations – both in the development of new products and services as well as in relation to employees and the wider environment. The insurance company also actively supports various partnership projects in the field of sports, culture, healthy lifestyle and prevention in traffic.

    You are about to launch the new Generali ZAME loyalty programme. How is this programme different from any others?

    The programme is truly different and I dare say it will stand out, because in addition to rewarding loyalty, we will offer a range of benefits for every day and for active leisure to customers and those we do not know yet. The programme also includes content, activities and challenges that will encourage the members to a more active and consequently healthier lifestyle. Everyone will be able to find some benefit and advantage to be able to say: this one is the right one for me. That is why we’ve named the programme ZAME (FOR ME).

    How will you implement the programme in your offer, will it be related to health insurance too?

    As caring for an active and healthy lifestyle is an important part of the Generali ZAME programme, it will offer especially a lot in this area – both to our existing customers and to all others who will want to join. Besides the contents for a healthy lifestyle, there will also be an app available – an assistant for a healthier lifestyle – which will collect all the activities, sports challenges and exercises. We will also upgrade the individual's achievement of the goals set. In addition to the above, all who will join the Generali ZAME will be offered a particularly beneficial conclusion of health insurance called Specialists with assistance.

    What is the current advantage of Generali's health insurance?

    First of all, many years of experience in the development of additional health insurance and services, from which we develop new coverage and all the necessary assistance the customer needs to claim these services. Our insurance policy will enable our insured members to act on referrals. The consultants of our Health Assistance guide the customers through the entire treatment process and also schedule them for services.
    Depending on the identified needs of our customers, we are constantly developing innovative services that make it easier for our insured to access health services and insurance, enabling them a quick access to a doctor, examinations and quick diagnostics. The call centre of Health Assistance helped 12,911 insured persons last year who confirmed the quality of insurance and the excellent organisation of health services with the highest satisfaction ratings in surveys (4.9 out of available 5).
    You’ve all heard of a fully comprehensive car insurance. Similarly, we have modularly designed a new health insurance package that offers an individual and his family a fully comprehensive health protection and combined the offer under the name My Full Health Coverage. It is a set of additional health insurance with specialist doctors, which enables faster access to diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, at the same time encouraging the maintenance of health. In the case of treatment of a serious illness or accident, these insurances offer a very good financial security.

    What do modern users expect from you and which are the biggest challenges of the future?

    Today, people expect insurance tailored to their current and everyday needs, simplified procedures and an even friendlier, more comfortable and faster experience in arranging insurance services. The challenges we face in the future bring environmental issues and climate change at the top of the list. We at Generali insurance company see the fight against climate change as a necessary contribution to a more sustainable future, which is the goal of all of us.

    Your sustainable orientation includes support for socially responsible projects, also My Doctor campaign. What does this sponsorship mean to you?

    Successful business enables us as a responsible company to co-create and build a better society. We have been collaborating closely in Slovenia and helping vulnerable families through the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje for many years. And the Generali Group, for example, raised over a million euros in only a few weeks through The Human Safety Net initiative and handed it over to UNICEF to help refugees from Ukraine. Our support for the selection of the best doctors, which at Viva magazine have been organising for 26 years now, is also a constant project. Not only because we support professionalism, but also because we value and support the highest ethical values, as well as openness, love and care for fellow human beings. The response of the voters for My doctor shows that we still highly value these values. And that is how it should be!