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    Generali CEE Holding B.V.

    • Corporate seat: De entree 91, 1101 BH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • The Company is registered in the Business Register maintained by the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under reg. no. 34275688
    • The Company belongs to Generali Group which is entered into the Group Insurance Register maintained by Institution for the Supervision of Insurance (IVASS) under No. 026.
    • Branch in Prague (Czech Republic), Na Pankráci 1658/121, 140 00
    • Registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, under file No. A 59992, ID No. 28239652
    • VAT no. CZ699001273
    • Phone: +420 224 559 160
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    European Market Infrastructure Regulation

    Information on the exemption of intra-group transactions from the margining obligation pursuant to the Regulation (UE) n. 648/2012, European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)

    Publication according to Art. 11 para.11 EMIR and Art. 20 Delegated Regulation (EU) 149/2013

    1. Background

    Pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 648/2012 (“EMIR”), counterparties are generally obliged to provide collateral for non-cleared OTC-derivatives. Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. and its subsidiaries referred to paragraph 5 have been granted exemptions from this obligation in accordance with Art. 11 para. 3 EMIR with respect to intra-group transactions. According to Art. 11 para. 11 EMIR, Art. 20 Delegated Regulation (EU) 149/2013, the following details on the exemptions obtained have to be published.

    2. Affected counterparties

    This publication relates to intra-group transactions between:

    Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.

    a joint-stock company incorporated under the laws of Italy, fully paid in share capital € 1.565.165.364,00 with its registered seat in Trieste, Italy; its office at Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi n. 2, Trieste, Italy, and registered at Business Register at the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry under identification number 00079760328, registered in the Register of Italian Insurance and Reinsurance Companies under no. 100003, Parent Company of Generali Group, registered in the Register of Insurance Groups (Albo dei gruppi assicurativi) under no. 26, (LEI Code: 549300X5UKJVE386ZB61), on one hand,

    and the subsidiaries listed below in paragraph 5 (each a “counterparty” and together, the “counterparties") on the other hand.

    3. Group structure

    The counterparties are consolidated subsidiaries of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. and are therefore part of the Generali Group. Further details on the group structure and the relationships between the counterparties and Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. are disclosed in its Annual Report.

    4. Type of exemption and Transaction volumes

    The exemption of intra-group transactions from the margining requirements pursuant to Art.11 (3) EMIR covers the following kind of derivative transactions:

    1. the asset class of OTC derivative contracts:
      Foreign Exchange Rate (FX)
    2. the type of OTC derivative contracts:
      SWAP and Forward Foreign Exchange Rate
    3. the type of underlying:
      Foreign Exchange Rate Euro against Czech Crown
    4. the notional and settlement currencies:
      Notional EUR, Czech Crown; settlement currencies EUR, Czech Crown
    5. the range of contract tenors:
      up to 24 months
    6. the settlement type:
      Physical settlement and/or cash settlement
    7. planned volumes of the transactions:
    Counterparties Notional (up to, in €) Frequency
    Česká Pojišťovna, a.s. €500mln 1-12 times per year
    Generali Pojišťovna, a.s. €300mln 1-12 times per year
    Generali CEE Holding B.V., organizační složka €500mln 1-12 times per year

    Please note that this is the authorized maximum amount of the derivatives notional. The exemption to such intra-group transactions from the margining obligation has been granted for the full amount of the notional.

    5. List of Subsidiaries

    Counterparty LEI Code
    Česká Pojišťovna, a.s., with legal seat in Czech Republic 31570010000000054609
    Generali Pojišťovna, a.s., with legal seat in Czech Republic 31570010000000041611
    Generali CEE Holding B.V., organizační složka, with legal seat in The Netherland and operative unit in Czech Republic 31570010000000041320