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    Generali Croatia Volunteers in THSN Global Challenge Action!

    Generali osiguranje volunteers once again joined forces for a good cause, engaging in The Human Safety Net Global Challenge of redecorating yards and playgrounds of kindergartens throughout Croatia. As many as 70 volunteers got engaged in kindergartens Lekenik, Krijesnica from Hrvatska Kostajnica, Vladimir Nazor from Zagreb, Jaglenac from Osijek, Orepčići from Kraljevica, Dugi Rat and Mimoza from Split.

    The volunteers were greeted by the kindergarten staff with open arms, preparing refreshments for them, and the happy little ones were a loud supporter to the volunteers who were renewing the playgrounds and kindergartens exteriors, which shone in a new look.

    CEO of Generali Croatia Mario Carini also participated in the volunteer action in Split and stated: „I am very proud and gratefull that our employees got engaged in such large number in these volunteering activities across Croatia and once again proved that they nurture the values of Generali to be a true #Lifetime partner in supporting local communities."

    Generali osiguranje Sales Director of the Split Region Svemir Kalinić said: "We are happy to have the opportunity to help and make our mark in our local community. Most of our kindergartens really needs redecoration and we hope this is just one of many volunteer actions like this."

    In Zagreb our Branch Manager Božidar Židanić said: „I am especially pleased that I could participated in our humanitarian action THSN-Global Challenge 2022 together with my colleagues. We were happy to contribute and paint the fence and childrens playground in Vladimir Nazor Kindergarten in Zagreb. I am proud that we responded in such large numbers and I am grateful to all the volunteers who made a great contribution to the decoration of the yard, painting the fence, children's toys - houses, slides, swings, climbers.“

    The Sales director of the Zagreb region Bože Radoš was active in kindergarten Krijesnica from Hrvatska Kostajnica, and stated: „This challenge was a lot harder and more demanding than last years, but we did a great thing. We have made many children happy all over Croatia. Their kindergartens and playgrounds got a new cheerful look. Their smiles showed how happy they were when they proudly showed their parents their renovated kindergarten. In addition to the children, the employees were delighted with the new look of their workplace, and even tears of joy were shed when handing us out the thank-you note.“

    Relationship manager of Regional external sales Stipo Barišić led a diligent team of volunteers In kindergarten of Lekenik, and said: „We did a good job despite the weather (rain) hindering us to do what we needed to do. Next week we will go another day and finish the job. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who responded to this commendable action to do something good for the community.“

    In some kindergartens, adverse weather conditions prevented volunteers from working, as a result of which the work was postponed at the DV Bubamara from Glina, DV Varaždin - Kućan and the Family Center in Samobor. However, volunteers do not give up their intention to arrange these kindergartens at the first opportunity as soon as the weather is favorable for outdoor work.

    Volunteer activities for the redecoration of kindergartens throughout Croatia are part of the Global Challenge 2022 initiative for fundraising as part of the initiative of The Human Safety Net Foundation, established by the Generali Group. During June, numerous employees and volunteers from 23 countries across the Generali Group launched various challenges, raising donations to help the most deprived in our communities.

    In Croatia, by participating in the challenge in cooperation with the Center for Parenting Support "Let's Grow Together", Generali volunteers collect donations for the Special Hospital for Chronical Diseases of Children Gornja Bistra, a unique institution of this type in the Republic of Croatia.

    Kindergartens arranged by Generali osiguranje volunteers, implement programs for the development of children of early age through providing support to parents of the Parenting Support Center "Rastimo zajedno", a partner of the THSN initiative in Croatia, with the exception of DV Dugi Rat.

    Find out how you can help too:

    You also can help the Special Hospital for Chronic Diseases of Children Gornja Bistra!

    By paying a donation into the account of the Center "Rastimo zajedno", our partner of the THSN initiative in Croatia, which implements programs for the development of children of early age through the provision of support to parents.

    IBAN HR35 2360 0001 1023 9232 4
    Rastimo zajedno
    Parenting Support Center
    Kušlanova 2, 10000 Zagreb
    OIB: 55993768232

    Upon completion of the THSN Global Challenge, the Parenting Support Centre "Rastimo zajedno", a THSN partner in Croatia, will make a payment of the total amount of donations collected to the Special Hospital for Chronic Diseases of Children Gornja Bistra.

    About Special Hospital for Chronic Diseases of Children Gornja Bistra

    A special hospital for chronic diseases of children is located in Gornja Bistra, about twenty kilometers from the city of Zagreb. It is located in the castle of Oršić family, built in the second half of the 18th century. The founder of the hospital is Zagreb County, and for its specific activities, it is the only institution of this type in the Republic of Croatia. The hospital carries out health activities in accordance with the Health Care Act, and the activities are: hospital treatment of chronically colored patients of children, training activities, specialist-consular health care. The internal structure of the hospital is organized through wards. The healthcare industry includes the intensive care and neuropediatric care unit and the neuropediatrics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation department.

    About The Human Safety Net

    In 2017, the Generali Group founded The Human Safety Net Foundation, with the idea that communities of "people who help people" can lead to sustainable change. The initiative is now already active in 23 countries around the world, reaching up to 86,000 people and providing protection and prevention to the most vulnerable in the community. In Croatia, cooperation with the Center "Rastimo zajedno" began in October 2019 with the program "Rastimo zajedno i mi" to support parents and children in more demanding life circumstances, which hamper the development of their children, reaching more than 2,000 parents and 1,200 children in over 250 workshops and 20 organized excursions with the further implementation of new support programs.