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    Generali Romania launches Casco online service

    With the implementation of this new service, Generali Romania makes possible a completely digital experience for its Casco customers, from the issuance of the policy to the online notification of claims, respectively the remote video evaluation of damages.

    The new service can be accessed by all individuals and company customers, wherever they are, just visiting website without the need for assistance from a Generali representative. With the addition of the Casco product on the virtual shelf, along with housing, MTPL and travel policies, Generali responds to the most frequent insurance needs of retail customers in Romania through 100% digital purchasing solutions.

    To conclude the policy, customers have to go through a few simple steps consisting of obtaining an offer, identifying and photo-evaluating the vehicle and, lastly, issuing the contract. The recommended device is the smartphone, but the policy can also be concluded from a personal computer or tablet.

    Thus, in the first phase, the quotation and the insurance offer are generated in real time, after filling in an online form with the information about the vehicle and its owner it is possible to choose the optimal coverage option.

    Then, the photos required for the risk inspection are taken by the customer himself, with his own mobile phone, and at this stage it is being integrated directly into the purchase process. In the case of customers with new cars or those who renew their policy under the same conditions, photos are no longer required.

    The final stage involves validating the offer, along with the insurance conditions and issuing the contract in just a few clicks.

    “The whole process aims to create a pleasant experience for our customers, simplifying the issuance and eliminating the time required for a risk inspection on the spot. We managed to overcome this obstacle - taking photos and physically evaluating the car - with the help of a solution based artificial intelligence and we are glad that we were able to further improve a product that already benefits from the appreciation of our customers”, said Ales Tausche, Chief Insirance Officer, Generali Romania.

    Moreover, Generali continuously evaluates its services offered, at all stages of their life cycle, through an NPS methodology implemented by the Generali Group in most of the countries in which it operates. According to the analysis performed on almost 4000 customers of Generali Romania, in the first 3 quarters of 2021, Casco services recorded a very good overall NPS score, 85 out of a maximum of 100. Also, only for the Casco claims area, the NPS score remains at a high level of 83.

    Currently, Generali Romania customers benefit from one of the widest ranges of online products in the local market, intended for the most frequent protection needs: home insurance, travel medical insurance, MTPL and Casco. These services are accompanied by dedicated digital tools, such as video evaluation for car and home damage and the online choice of the repair shop based on the proximity and type of vehicle owned. Thus, our customers can access simple and fast protection solutions, especially in the ongoing challenging pandemic context.