Generali SpA


    Generali Slovenia ranks among top sustainable companies

    The insurance company received the 4-star Green Star certificate for embedding sustainability guidelines in their strategy and business models following the "Lifetime Partner24: Driving Growth" strategic plan.

    The award places Generali Slovenia in the Green Leaders category. It is awarded to companies for outstanding achievements in green transformation and ESG guidelines impelmentation by the CER Sustainable Business Network.

    The Green Star certificate reflects the commitment of Generali Slovenia to sustainable practices and continuous improvement of the environmental, social, and governance principles. «They are commited to play an active role in the green transition, working towards a sustainable future» read the motivation of the award.

    «Achieving this certificate is important for us, as it demonstrates our commitment to environmental and social values and thus reinforces our reputation as a sustainable insurance company» commented Dejan Srše, Sustainability Ambassador at Generali Slovenia.