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    Generali awarded with the Superbrands title

    In Slovenia, the Generali brand has been awarded the Superbrand title once again. This means that our brand is valued by consumers for its quality, advantages and unique features, as well as the values of the brand. Above all, it means that they put their trust in it and identify with it. Superbrands is a global independent authority for branding granting awards to the best brands. It operates in nearly 100 countries around the world on 5 continents.

    The process of selecting the best brands takes place annually according to the strict rules of the Superbrands organisation. The first phase in the selection process is an independent research conducted in Slovenia under the auspices of Ipsos, the leading agency in the field of market research. The latest survey of the Slovenian market that was conducted through spontaneous calls gathered 13,191 responses from Slovenian consumers. Among 1,137 different brands, the top 500 entered the second phase, i.e. the evaluation by an expert jury (marketing, PR and media experts). The members of the jury assessed the quality (continuous investment in product development), differentiation (significant market differentiation, uniqueness, values and personality of the brand), trust (maintaining the standards on which the brand is based) and emotions (emotional connection and identification at the level of personal values). Based on these 4 characteristics, our Generali brand this year once again ranked among the 16 Slovenian brands that earned the flattering Superbrand title. It is an internationally recognised title, as the Superbrands awards take place in nearly 100 countries around the world.
    Svetlana Almaš, Chief Marketing and Public Relationship Officer at Generali Slovenia, received the award at the Superbrands awards ceremony by Boško Praštalo, Director of Superbrands Slovenia.

    How was the Superbrands selection born?

    The Superbrands Global story began in 1994 with a radio show on GLR radio (now BBC Radio London). The show was dedicated to talks about brands from the everyday lives of consumers. Based on the success of the show, the Superbrands organization was founded a year later and has been publishing ‘brand bibles’, comprehensive annual reviews and publications, all over the world for the last three decades.

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