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    Generali in Slovakia became the signatory of Diversity Charter

    The Diversity Charter was signed on the Diversity Day, dated 31 May 2021, by Andrea Leskovská, Member of the Board of Directors of Generali in Slovakia.


    Generali in Slovakia has been actively engaging in the area of equal rights and diversity at workplace, for instance by means of special projects Generali helps mothers returning from maternity leave towards better inclusion; the company organises lectures and workshops not only on the subject of diversity and inclusion but also on mental health, aiming to raise awareness about these issues and also to liven up public debate. By signing the Charter, Generali has made another step towards the development of the topics related to Diversity and Inclusion. The aim of the Slovak Generali is to raise awareness about these issues, to stir up public debate and to create space for the inclusion of various groups of people within the company.

    Andrea Leskovská, Member of the Board of Directors in Slovakia, said: “Diversity and inclusion have recently become frequently discussed topics, which are not only to be discussed but their principles are also to be met. This topic has been playing a vital role in our corporate culture in the long run. We find creating a safe and respectful environment, where every person has the possibility to be a part of a full-fledged workplace without being subjected to prejudice, exceptionally important. Mutual respect towards differences and accepting diversity is enriching, it drives our company forward and creates not only a better working environment but also the world around us.”

    With their signature, Generali joined companies and organisations, which are fully aware of the significance of equal treatment and diversity at workplace, and they have thus undertaken to follow the following principles:

    • To voluntarily integrate a set of principles and procedures considering a diverse and inclusive approach at workplace in the run of the company;
    • To build a relationship towards their employees based on these procedures and to raise awareness on topics of diversity on the management level;
    • To inspire companies operating in Slovakia and to spread the awareness on the benefits resulting from the implementation of a diversity policy.

    The Diversity Charter

    The Diversity Charter is a voluntary initiative of companies and organisations for the support of inclusion and diversity at workplace. The Slovak charter was festively launched in 2017 as a part of the European platform for Diversity Charter which was established as an initiative of the European Commission. Find out more HERE.