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    Generali Slovakia donated state-of-the-art UVD germicidal robots to five Slovak hospitals

    Generali Slovakia donated innovative UVD robots for highly-efficient disinfection of the premises to five Slovak hospitals. The germicidal robots are very helpful for the hospitals not only during the coronavirus pandemic but also in daily safeguarding the high hygienic standards needed in the health facilities.

    Preceding weeks and months confirmed that health is important and cannot be replaced. They also showed the relevance of the technical equipment of the hospitals worldwide and a need to safeguard the top hygienic environment. Slovak Generali has found and bought a highly efficient and modern solution for hospital premises disinfection: state-of-the-art UVD robot for five largest Slovak hospitals.

    As a socially responsible company, we want to be present where the situation requires – to stand by our clients and be their lifetime partner, as well as jointly help in the society and endangered communities. That was one of the reasons why we decided to donate the state-of-the-art UVD germicidal robots to five Slovak hospitals that are useful not only during the period of the pandemic but also in the future,” Georg Engl, CEO of Generali Slovakia, explained the initiative.

    The beneficiary hospitals are: University Hospital Bratislava – Hospital of Academician Ladislav Dérer Bratislava; National Institute of Children’s Diseases in Bratislava; University Hospital in Martin; F. D. Roosevelt University Hospital in Banská Bystrica and L. Pasteur University Hospital in Košice.

    “Besides the great endeavour of doctors and medical workers, the technical equipment of the hospitals proved to be decisive in the fight with the pandemic. Therefore, I appreciate that Generali insurance company decided to donate the innovative UVD robot to our hospital where the majority of the COVID-19 patients in Slovakia are treated,” commented Alexander Mayer, Deputy Manager for Health Care of the Hospital of Academician Ladislav Dérer in Bratislava (UNB).

    UVD robot can very quickly and effectively disinfect larger areas with a high risk of infection from all types of highly resilient and resistant bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus. Moreover, UVD robots do not leave any grey zones in the rooms. These are the zones in the room covered for example by a bed or chair where a static UVC radiation fails to reach and thus these areas remain undisinfected.


    UVD robots have been manufactured and distributed by the Danish company UVD Robots ApS since 2018. The UVD robot works on a principle of UVC radiation with the germicidal effects. It is a result of 4-year research and cooperation of the Danish health care system, University Hospital and state-of-the-art technology company.

    “The reason for developing the UVD robot was the high percentage of patients who got infected with nosocomial infection in hospitals. It is a type of infection that a patient have not had before he visited a hospital and was infected just during the visit. In European countries alone, approximately 100 000 people die of nosocomial infection yearly. It is the UVD robot that can prevent such an associated infection via efficient disinfection of a room to 99.99%,” explained Per Juul Nielsen, Managing Director of UVD Robots ApS company.

    Generali Slovakia spent almost 435 000 euro on the purchase. The donation was made possible thanks to the Extraordinary International Fund for the Covid-19 Emergency established by the Generali Group.