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    Support for the most innovative, sustainable and strategic sectors is our priority, says Philippe Donnet

    Below please find an article published on March 19, 2021, in the Czech daily Hospodářské noviny, commemorating the 190th anniversary Generali Group is celebrating this year.

    The Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us the essential role that health has in our lives. For this reason, it is crucial to choose trustworthy insurance and a Lifetime Partner as Generali to find the best solution for our loved ones.

    This year, Generali celebrates 190 years of life. A historic mark for the Company founded in Trieste (Italy) on 26th December 1831, under the then Austro-Hungarian Empire, and now operating across 50 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Throughout its unique history, Generali employees and agents helped millions of people to build a safer future. Today, with 65,9 million clients and 72.000 employees all over the world, Generali is one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers with 70 billion euro of premiums.

    The 190th anniversary falls in a rather unusual year when the world is hoping to recover from the most serious global crisis since the post-war period,” declared Generali Group CEO Philippe Donnet. To mark this event and leave a tangible and lasting sign of the bond between the Company and the land where it was born and has grown, Generali launched “Fenice 190”, a € 3,5 billion investment plan to support the recovery of the European economies impacted by Covid-19. “With Fenice 190, we want to be central in this journey, leaving a concrete legacy for the future, with significant support for the most innovative, sustainable and strategic sectors for the restart of the European economy, and to encourage the inclusion of those most heavily impacted by the crisis,” explained Philippe Donnet.

    Social Responsibility

    All the initiatives will have a strong focus on environmental and social responsibility to support European SMEs energy transition, green housing, digital infrastructures and health. In the first phase, the Fund will support investments in Italy, France and Germany and right after it will reach Central and Eastern Europe, Generali Group’s fourth-largest market. “Generali’s commitment to the recovery of economies in Central and Eastern Europe is a signal of the prominent role of this Region for the Group. In 2020, we managed to outperform our competitors and helped local communities with The Human Safety Net programs. To celebrate at best our 190th anniversary and keep our driving role, we have to combine our old strength with the digital transformation” – declared Luciano Cirinà, ACEER Regional Officer and CEO of Generali CEE Holding based in Prague.

    People are the power

    The historical and cultural connection between the City of Trieste, where Generali was founded, and the City of Prague dates back to the 19th century. After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, Generali’s interest in the local insurance market grew exponentially. In 2015, Generali took over full control of the joint venture company CEE Holding and therefore also of former Česká pojišťovna, founded in Prague in 1827, four years before Generali. By the end of 2019, they have combined their activities operating under the new name Generali Česká pojišt’ovna, the largest insurance company on the Czech market. “We are the leader of the Czech insurance market not only due to its size and stability but above all thanks to the professional team of people and level of products and services provided," says Roman Juráš, CEO of Generali Česká pojišťovna. “Only few companies in the world boast such a long and strong tradition as Generali. Thanks to mutual shared knowledge and experience, we are able to successfully face all current challenges together and prove to our clients that we are their Lifetime Partner and that they can rely on us in every situation,” adds Roman Juráš.


    1831 Assicurazioni Generali Austro-Italiche was founded in Trieste
    1832 Establishment of branches in Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Ljubljana
    1848 The company changed its name in Assicurazioni Generali
    1971 Rebranding of the company: Generali
    1989 Generali returned to Central and Eastern Europe as it lost its presence after World War II in many countries of the region
    1993 Generali began operations in the Czech Republic
    2007 Generali and the Czech investment group PPF set up a joint venture company
    2015 Generali took over full control of the joint venture company CEE Holding and therefore also of Česká pojišťovna
    2019 Generali and Česká pojišťovna combined their activities and operate under the new name Generali Česká pojišťovna

    Letter informing that Franz Kafka was hired on October 1 1907 as Aushilfskraft auxiliary clerk in the life insurance department - Assicurazioni Generali Historical