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    The Human Safety Net: Take a Deeper Breath

    #TheHumanSafetyNet #THSN4Newborns

    Generali Poland becomes the first country in the CEE to join The Human Safety Net. Newborn infants across Poland are about to be given a helping hand in the battle against asphyxia, a breathing ailment that can seriously impair babies’ health and wellbeing.

    Inauguration of the program culminated in a two-day workshop held in late June that included the participation of Generali Poland CEO Andrea Simoncelli and colleagues from several different divisions including communications, marketing, human resources, IT, sales and others.

    CEO of Generali Poland Andrea Simoncelli stated: “I am very happy that Poland has joined this wonderful movement, The Human Safety Net. I’m positive that through this program, we will use our passion and energy to change the futures of newborns born with asphyxia for the better. We can accomplish a lot of good together!”

    Part of the inauguration workshop involved creation of a three-year development plan for The Human Safety Net in Poland. “The involvement and motivation of my colleagues were impressive, and I’d like to thank them for their engagement, energy and enthusiasm,” said Krystyna Matysiak, Head of HR at Generali Poland and a member of the Board of Directors. “Our journey won’t be easy, but I’m sure that with this spirit we can achieve incredible things!”